This new path that has me in front of you
began in the depths of heartbreak like I've never felt

Within those desperate moments
I began to befriend myself
after decades of running

A message emerged from the cracks within:
It told me to gather our loved ones to work through the pain of our losses
Although I had no idea how to except to bring my love and ask for help

From that evening in which we found ourselves deeply supported

by earth angels, people who were trained to guide us through our loss

I reflected on this experience

of gathering the heartbroken

into a beautiful loving space

to heal and receive support

so that they could learn to use pain,


and loss

to fuel a new life

The glimmer of a new sense of purpose
planted a seed within me
to turn our heartbreak into something beautiful,
of service
aligned with love + healing

For you, my beauty
It is not only possible
I believe wholeheartedly 
that emerging from your deepest hurts
building resilience
learning to utilize the emotionality of those hurts
as fuel for something of service
something aligned with the divine
is why you are here

If you've ever questioned what your purpose is

beyond the roles you play 

or the doing of each day

take some time to ask yourself

what your heartbreaks might reveal

about the possibilities of what you have mastered

and how it can serve a community of people

who ache as they face the challenge that you once did


Sit in what's possible

Do it today

A community exists and is seeking guidance


right now as you read this.

They are looking for the things you've learned as only you can teach them

Sit with that

listen to your inner wisdom

Open to new possibilities 

Serve it forward today

in loving service + gratitude,