Your New Favorite Self-Care Strategy: Immersing in Everything You Need

Yesterday, I had to block off my afternoon for an invasive test. One that causes me anxiety because I've not tolerated it well in the past, until I found a new OB-GYN.

Even with a positive recent experience with my new doctor, I still find myself dreading this procedure.

This time and the last, I changed my mindset around this test.

I decided that I would take extra loving care of myself in the morning. I would walk into that appointment as calm and centered as possible to bring myself and my doctor's staff a pleasant experience instead of one full of anxiety.

It works.

Here's how I took loving care of myself and created a new experience:

  • I cleared my schedule in the morning to go into deep practice. This included guided meditation and spiritual reading.
  • I talked to my body in a gentle, loving way. As I showered, I said, "Hey beautiful body, I'm going to do all I can to make this procedure painless and an act of care for you." (This was the first time I've done that, and as silly as it may sound, it was a meaningful moment. I'll be incorporating a loving dialog with my body more often.) 
  • I left myself plenty of time to arrive and get centered before walking in. I departed early and spent a few moments reading Gabby Bernstein's "Miracles Now" in the car and as I sat in the waiting area. I purposely chose this book because it has short messages in it. I like to open randomly to a page for a positivity boost and guidance. Yesterday, I opened to "To feel supported, support yourself." 
  • I took that message and said it over and over to myself as a mantra. As I waited to be brought in, I whispered, "To feel supported, support yourself." 
  • I engaged in a joyful conversation with the nurse. Nurses are oftentimes running from patient to patient, seemingly frenzied in their own anxiety. The last thing they need is an anxious patient.
  • I brought a soothing download to listen to during the procedure. I absolutely love Jennifer Reis' Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra mp3. There are longer relaxation journeys that I've used the last two times. Transporting myself to another place  really, really helps to lessen my discomfort.  

I imagine this all seems unconventional. I thought so too when I first read about extreme self-care in Cheryl Richardson's, "The Art of Extreme Self-Care."

What I've found is that deciding to try new things to bring myself support and love without expecting it from others is greatly reducing my anxiety, resentment, and expectation, elevating my sense of well-being and joy. 

Use my practices as guidance to find your own flow of inner-reverence daily, especially when facing something anxiety-producing.

For more of my self-care insights, download my new reminder sheet, "Self-Care Secrets At-A-Glance."

Begin your loving legacy by bringing forth your best you TODAY.