You Know What's Best: Get Intimate With Your Inner-Guidance

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"I am a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul.” -Rumi

What is your inner guidance? The wisdom of the heart, an inner knowing, attuning to inner feelings, a pure loving energy, deep divinity, support for anything you're going through

What are the benefits of listening to yourself? "When you listen to yourself and act on what you hear inside, you are setting out on the road to personal greatness." (Brian Tracy) Feeling aligned with your best self. Living from love. Learning to trust yourself to care for yourself. Deepening friendship with yourself. Lessening of loneliness, dependence on external relationships + achievements to feel whole. Increased feeling of resilience, ability to face anything with grace.

Why do we resist the messages of our intuition?  Societal conditioning--we aren’t taught how to trust ourselves by our elders or in school. We second-guess ourselves. What comes up may be a truth we're not ready to face and act on. We demean our inner voice in favor of our "rational" mind. Feels indulgent. (More responses from my friends here.) Thank you to everyone who contributed!

3 Tips to Help You Access The Healing Power of Your Inner Guidance

1. Get still. Build to 30-60 minutes without music, distractions every day. Do it the way it feels best to you—in nature, your favorite chair, in bed, with the bathroom door locked, in your car on break from work. Meditate!
2. Surrender. Open your mind body and spirit fully to whatever arises. Envision your connection to the Universe/God/Higher Power. Shift from fear to love. Move from survival mode to big picture thinking. Release the “perfect-and-in control” list. Observe nature for inspiration—>”Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu
3. Trust. Your relationship to trusting your own wisdom will build over time with each success and joyful choice. Here are some mantras I created to help you:

  • ”I open fully to the wealth of wisdom within.”
  • I open to my Divine Wisdom in each situation."
  • “Today, I trust my heart to guide me."

Learn to deeply love, care for and cherish yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

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Learn to DEEPLY LOVE, CARE FOR and CHERISH YOURSELF. The rest will take care of itself.