What To Do When You Hurt Someone: A Spiritual Perspective

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Oh, how I wish I had less experience to draw on around this...
I've hurt the people in my life when I was hurting.

It took me years to have the self-awareness to see this about myself.

I aspire to shorten the learning curve for anyone who is open to listening to what FINALLY shifted within me to vow to myself that I'll make better choices going forward, as much as humanly possible.

These shifts made all the difference in creating better outcomes in some of my most cherished relationships when they hit rough spots this past year.

Here are 3 spiritual points to consider:

1. Reflect on the spiritual solution. “There is a spiritual solution to every problem.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer. Spirit is the invisible energy that is the source and sustenance of life on this planet. This force can find a solution to every problem. Surrender to Higher Power, God, The Universe, your tribe of mentors/ancestors. Ask for guidance.

2. Express your regret as soon as possible. Waiting for the other person to change or own up to their part of the upset is a huge waste of time and ultimately is disempowering to you and the health of the relationship. Be the change. The change that embodies LOVE, PEACE + HAPPINESS no matter what has happened in the past. A wholehearted apology might look like, “I love you and I’m so sorry I hurt you.” Express their importance to you or how much you love them. Look to David Cassidy’s last words, “So much wasted time.” I vow to apologize sooner and with more heart and tenderness this coming year. Join me!                                                    

3. Choose to be at your best. “Love is when you choose to be at your best when the other person is not at their best.”-Pastor Wintley Phipps Embody compassion by bringing your best and highest self to relationship challenges, especially when the other person is stuck in fear or blame or self-righteousness. 

Deep, meaningful transformation occurs when we're able to step back from the upset we've caused.
Whether it was in reaction to a hurtful comment from the other person involved or not.
And make an EMPOWERING CHOICE to be at our best no matter what.

It is in this moment of grace that the most expansive healing may occur.

The grace we show to the other person by choosing love instead of self-righteousness or divisiveness is like a releasing pressure valve within their own heart.

No longer are they on the defensive, fearful that there will be more injury to their heart.
Now they are witness to compassion + care...possibly the deepest expression of both they've yet to experience.

A lifetime of pain and misunderstanding can begin to melt away.
The peace in your own heart and pride in aligning with your best you makes every bit of discomfort during this process well worth it.

"Today, I choose to be at my best."

Be the change. Bring more love to even the darkest situations. 

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