The Summer of SLOW: How Savoring Increases Well-Being

Burned out and stressed out are not our natural ways of being. Nearly everything we've been conditioned to believe about attaining happiness is untrue. Busy and more are amongst the greatest robbers of daily joy. Committing to improving your well-being is the first step to feeling better.

Here’s how to transform depleted into joyfulness this summer. 

#1. Set a Summer Intention.  Ask yourself, "How do I really, really want to feel each day?" Allow yourself to feel that feeling fully throughout your body. Then, commit to making choices this summer that align with that intention. Some examples of intentions: peaceful, energized, ease, happy, vibrant. Measure your opportunities and plans against your intention. Will committing to this make you feel in alignment with that intention?

#2. Take a daily nature walk or garden walk.  When you're in the midst of a problem, you become hyper-focused on it. Heading out into nature or the garden broadens your perspective to get in touch with the enormity of the universe, the creator, your core divinity. The more connected you feel with the expansiveness of nature, the more empowered you'll feel to zoom out from the problem and take the next right action from your highest version.

#3. Leave one day or block of time unscheduled. Release yourself from the need to fill every block on your calendar. Create a ritual that includes an unscheduled day.  You can then joyfully decide what you'd like to do aligned with your own rhythm for that day. One of my favorite ways to ritualize an unscheduled day is to leave Sundays open. My husband and I make a slow brunch, watch something soul-nourishing or aligned with our biggest dreams and listen to 70's light rock music. I've been so much more rejuvenated on Monday mornings since we started our lazy Sunday ritual.

We are most powerful when we operate from overflow.

With that power, we begin our loving legacy.

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