The one word starting point to every dream

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"A conscious intent acts as an organizing principle, guiding you to make empowering choices...With a powerful, conscious intent, you can chart your journey through life with clarity and focus, and choose the particular reality you want to create."
~Debbie Ford, The Best Year of Your Life

Intention is a soul-opening feeling that becomes your North Star out of darkness, numbness and disconnection. Or elevates you to the next level when things are already great.

Gaining clarity on how you most want to feel is an important breakthrough.

The way to a more joyful life begins with making more aligned in-the-moment choices.
Each choice stacks on the foundation of healing you are now creating.

How do you begin feeling how you most want to feel by identifying core intentions for 2018?

3 steps I wish I'd had in 2014 when I was struggling to apply intention setting to my everyday life

1. Declare it. Feel into the deepest wishes held within your heart. Maybe the way to find it is to look back on 2017 and identify the overall negative feeling you had through the year. Then go to the OPPOSITE of that feeling. For example: if you felt numb last year, try DEEP. Or OPEN-HEARTED. Or LOVING.
2. Create visual reminders everywhere. When you're new to intention-setting and seriously committed to creating the life of your dreams, you'll need + grow to love visual reminders. Doodle it in your planner with brightly colored markers. Draw it on your mirror. Put it in as an alarm on your phone. Gift yourself a bracelet with it. You deserve it, babe.
3. Measure everything against it! Whatever chaos or negativity of the past, a new reality can be yours choice by choice. Hold onto that intention or intentions like a life jacket. Refer to them when you're asked to get together, work on something and plan your Sunday. Take this 6-word pause: “Let me get back to you.” Align your calendar with your intentions as much as humanly possible.

Intention-setting illuminates the way to feeling better every day. To finally feel good again. Or maybe for the first time. Your life becomes curated as I heard master coach Nancy Levin call it.

Intention setting provides clarity to make healthier, more authentically-aligned choices. It takes us out of survival mode. We begin to respond instead of reacting. Feel the way you want to feel more often than not. Enlivened. Whole. Breaking away from the numbness and emptiness of achievement autopilot. Our relationships are enhanced when we enter interactions with intention.

Your intentions begin with YOU. Apply them to the way you treat yourself first, then ripple them out to those around you.

Learn to deeply love, care for and cherish yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

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