The Art of a Well-Lived Life

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How do we honor our time? 

"Someone who tries to do everything becomes nothing."
-Robin Sharma, legendary leadership icon

We all want to feel more fulfilled, vibrant and alive yet we very often give our time and energy away without much thought.

You can begin to create a more meaningful life with a few simple yet powerful shifts.


1) Commit to an intention-focused calendar. Ask yourself how you most want to feel each day. Maybe it's peaceful or in the moment. Begin asking yourself if each thing you place on your calendar will bring you that feeling. Incrementally shift your time blocks toward more of the experiences of the feeling you desire.

2) Depleted vs. Energized. As you consider each item on your calendar or to do list, make note of whether it makes you feel depleted or energized. Begin adjusting accordingly so that you experience more of the people and experiences that energize you and bring you joy.

3) Daily rejuvenation is a must. While you have your calendar handy, block out time several times per day to rejuvenate. Get up from your desk and walk to get some water on the half hour. Take a quick walk when transitioning from project to project. Close your eyes and invite in a beautiful mantra.

Commit fully today to begin to shift toward more of what makes you come alive, what energizes you and honor yourself with regular, daily rejuvenation practices.

I honor you for taking this momentus step that will enliven you, your loved ones and every person you touch from this moment on.

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