Routines + Rituals To Help You Navigate Painful Times

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"One of the most important things you can learn is that what you think and how you perceive events is totally up to you." --Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum 

There are powerful gifts in painful times.

You may be in the middle of the storm now and desperate to get out and feel better.

The places in you that feel like they're ready to break are the places that are being strengthened for something beautiful in the future. Those new strengths will be required for a sense of purpose or love or joy on the other side of this.

Yes, it's possible and even probable that something good will come out of painful times. You've heard of the analogy of the phoenix rising from the ashes? That same strength and resilience lies within you. 

3 Routines + Rituals To Help You Navigate Painful Times

1. Seek out stories of possibility. Read a story of someone who came through dark times every single morning. Some of the greatest leaders and influencers of our time began by facing extraordinary obstacles. They're no more gifted than you. Curate some of the lessons in their books, podcasts, interviews and videos.
2. Try something new that will make you happy. Prioritize you. If you're a giver, doer and people pleaser, this will take some getting used to. It is vital to your well-being that you not skip prioritizing you. When you discover the things that make you happy and allow yourself the time to enjoy them, you'll heal from this pain faster. Expanding your current routines and rituals to some new ones can bring you more joy than you might imagine. Some of my favorites: meditation, sunset gratitudes, going on vacation, mindfulness retreats. Create a list and begin exploring asap.
3. Plan ahead for things. If you've suffered a loss, plan ahead for anniversary dates, birthdays and other special days that will be emotionally challenging. For example, create a gathering to honor the life of a loved one who has died, serve as a volunteer at one of their favorite charities, teach others who are just now going through whatever challenge you're going through, go somewhere warm to celebrate your fresh start if you're going through a divorce or making a job transition. Planning ahead alleviates being caught off-guard and spiraling down emotionally.

Learn to deeply love, care for and cherish yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

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Learn to DEEPLY LOVE, CARE FOR and CHERISH YOURSELF. The rest will take care of itself.