"Love Yourself." But How?

Think of the last time you really needed someone, and your go-to person wasn't able to be there for you.

Or you didn't ask anyone for help when you normally would.

Did you feel angry or resentful? What if you could eliminate or lessen that feeling of resentment by becoming your own go-to person?

Recently, I challenged my self-love practice by deciding to listen to my own inner wisdom when I found myself getting upset and anxious about a medical appointment that I dread. 

I made a choice to create a new experience this time.

So I got up the morning of the appointment and gave myself a broad window of time to take extra, extra good care of myself.

My takeaway: when we allow ourselves the space to listen, our inner guide will speak beautifully and powerfully. We can fuel our own resilience and eliminate resentment by becoming our own best friend.

I found that by allowing that space and going deep in my practice, the answers of how to take care of myself presented themselves to me.

Here are the things I did that day to become my own go-to person:

#1. Go deep in your practice.  Prayer, meditation, lighting a candle and reflecting quietly are great ways to deepen your practice.

#2. Bring something with you.  When heading into a challenging situation, bring an item that has spiritual significance with you. A foundational book, card deck, prayer card, crystal...whatever you feel drawn to that morning.

#3. Ask yourself what you need most that day. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and ask yourself, "What do I need most today?" Prioritize and honor the answer.

Flow so much love to yourself, always! Releasing resentment makes space for wholeheartedness. And with your whole heart, you change the world.

Sending so much love,


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