"I'll Always Be Good to Myself"

(This video is a recorded from Facebook LIVE)

"The reason we're often not there for others is that we're not there for ourselves." -Pema Chodron

We're running around on empty.

We try everything to improve our natural energy yet we're still drained.

Most days, there's little joy.

We can create a gorgeous new relationship with ourselves with a few powerful shifts.

1. Start Where You Are. Yep, it's a famous spiritual book by Pema Chodron and it perfectly encapsulates the first step to improving our relationship with ourselves, to accept and honor where we are exactly as we are.

2. Surrender To Your Own Wisdom. Trust that once you fully commit to befriending yourself, you will take it step-by-step as revealed by your own inner wisdom.

3. Create a Ritual of Reverence. Distract yourself with deep breathing, an affirmation or grounding practice such as meditation. Here's an affirmation to try: "I am safe within myself to try, to fail, to grow. I am loved, adored and cherished here. I love me independent of anyone else loving me."

Make this promise to yourself: I'll always be good to myself. Explore what that would look like.

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