HOW TO Prepare for Your First Retreat

Are you considering taking your spiritual practice to the next level by attending a retreat? If so, I'd love to share my best tips for preparing for your first retreat.

If you're like me, as you count the days until your retreat experience, you may be full of questions about what to expect and how to get ready.

This list is primarily to prepare you emotionally for the gorgeous retreat experience.

* Know that you are prepared. You are enough.
* Honor yourself for taking this time to uncover the very best part of you
* Begin each day calling forth your INTENTION. Emotionalize it as you rise each morning.
* Lean into TRUST
* Practice open-heartedness…for yourself, for your fellow humans, for your surroundings
* Realize the power of your story to transform another human
* Share from the deepest part of you for deeper transformation and connection
* Discomfort is part of the healing and enlivening process
* Welcome whatever presents itself
* Know that this is the beginning of a process of unfolding
* Listen to the whispers of your heart
* Journal what’s most important whether it makes sense or not
* The experience will unfold just as it’s meant to, for your highest good
* Surrender to the Divine love of the Universe
* Block off the day you return or as much time as possible to integrate the gifts of your experience. Revisit your notes and journal and dive deeper into key learnings.
                 -Setting: meditate/candles/fire/music or silence
                 -What are the most memorable moments of the retreat experience?
                 -What surprised me?
                 -What did I learn about myself?
                 -What commitments will I make to myself based on my experience?
                 -What daily rituals of reverence will support my commitments?
                 -How will I celebrate?

I'm incredibly excited for you to deepen your understanding of yourself through your retreat experience. You will return home transformed in many ways.

You will know yourself more fully. 

You'll likely immerse in healing and sharing and opening to possibility like you have never experienced before.