How To Bring Forth Your Best Self So That You Lovingly Navigate Life's Upsets and Opportunities

Maybe you've recently reacted during a meaningful interaction and you're regretting it.

Or you handled a volatile situation with grace and you'd like to respond that way more often.

Call to mind the last interaction that had an impact on you.

Did you come into that interaction with an intention for the outcome? What if you had set a powerful intention prior to beginning the conversation?

After my life felt like it was coming apart, I began opening to new strategies for myself because I was tired of myself. I was over my fear-based reactions. I could finally see that I was creating my own drama and disappointment. 

I committed to feeling better about myself.

It was during a deep immersion in positive psychology, the scientific field that focuses on optimal human functioning--providing skills that cultivate happiness and better living (Wholebeing Institute), that I learned of the concept of the Best Self or Ideal Self.

My takeaway: spending time exploring the qualities I most admire in others and committing to integrating those qualities in my everyday choices can powerfully improve my well-being and sense of myself.

I began aligning my choices and my energy with the very best version of myself. Slowly, I felt a new sense of love for myself, even when I failed and fell back into my destructive patterns. I'd revisit those best self qualities and commit to doing better next time.

Three years of trial + error later, these are my top tips for bringing forth your best self:

#1. Identify the core characteristics of your best self.  Ask yourself, "Which qualities do I most admire in others? Why are these qualities important to me?" Create a list of your best self qualities and hang it where you can prompt yourself each day. Some examples of best self qualities: compassionate, resilient, kind, honest, innovative.

#2. Create a powerful alignment mantra. Take your best self qualities and create an alignment mantra: I am open-hearted. I embody compassion. I align with peacefulness.

#3. Prime your brain to remind you. Each morning, put a reminder of your best self qualities somewhere where you'll see them. Make a reminder card and place it near your bathroom sink. Put another one in your car. Create phone alerts that pop up three times per day that prompt you to continue your day aligned with your best self qualities. Read your alignment mantra out loud as you get ready for your day.

Celebrate your progress. Lovingly assess yourself each night. Deconstruct your most aligned days and interactions. How can you replicate your successes?

One of the most powerful ways to influence those around you is to embody the change you want to see in the world. Commit to bringing forth  your very best you today!

Sending so much love,


Mantra: As I embody my best self, I shine as a light for others to make healthier choices for themselves, bringing forth their own divine love and light.

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