Follow Your Full-Body YES!

What do you do to start feeling more fulfillment in your life? How do you choose what's most meaningful and make space in your days for those things?

Here’s a five-step practice that will get you started. When you're asked to make plans or take something on:

#1 Pause.

Give yourself a moment to get grounded and centered within yourself before responding. Brene' Brown has a ring that she spins while reciting a silent mantra to herself, "Choose discomfort over resentment."

#2 Take 3 deep breaths.

Calm yourself further by taking 3 big, deep belly breaths. You'll relieve anxiety and discomfort that can come from feeling a sense of obligation to someone you care about.

#3 Gift yourself some time.

Let the person asking you to get together or take on a project know that you'll get back to them. This can be done with grace and enthusiasm and most everyone will respect your need for time to carefully consider their request.

#4 Place your hand on your heart.

Your inner wisdom resides within you, always there to guide you. Your body has an incredible memory and will respond to people, places, and opportunities in accordance with what truly is best for you and will alert you to anything that doesn't align with your highest good.

#5 Ask yourself if this opportunity makes you feel vibrant or depleted.

Pay attention to how you truly feel about things. Listen to your own wisdom and refrain from talking yourself into something you aren't fully excited about.

Full-body YES! defined: When you feel the magical tingle that accompanies something that you know with all of your heart and soul you are dying to do, somewhere you feel you are meant to go, that's a full-body YES! It's unmistakable. Sometimes a full-body YES! is an unplanned day. You'll feel it in every cell of your being when you discover it. And once you begin to follow them, you'll find your way back to deep fulfillment...possibly more than you've felt in years.

Be sure to ease into this. You don't have to go all-or-nothing. 

By committing to incorporating even one more full-body yes into your life, you'll soon feel a new vibrancy and joy that will lead you to more and more of exactly what you want. 

You'll embody the full, gorgeous life you've been dreaming of and will inspire your loved ones to do the same for themselves.

You then become the change you wish to see in the world.

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