Busy is Optional (Rest Feels So Much Better)

“Take time for the clearance of the mind, preparing for adherence to perseverance for the journey of another thousand miles.”
― Curtis Tyrone Jones

Even if...this feels like another life-draining TO DO. Even if...you're convinced you don't have the time to rejuvenate.

Read on!

Do you ever feel like you’re always counting down ‘til the weekend or your next get away?

You can design your days so that you have joyful, rejuvenating moments built in.

Grant yourself permission to build your to-do’s around your carefully created rituals of reverence. Moments of connection, time in, a gorgeous gratitude practice are simple ways to savor moments within the hectic pace of life. 🎉

Here's how to create a life you love by scheduling regular rejuvenation rituals.

4 Big Benefits of Rejuvenation

1. Clarity. Time away from daily demands. See + feel what’s most meaningful.

2. Connection. The brain makes unexpected connections during downtime. We get a chance to feel connected within ourselves. We strengthen our connection with others via heart felt conversations. We begin feeling alive and connected to spirit.

3. Congruence check-in. Reassess if your actions and priorities align with your intentions & vision for your life. Take a time-in.

4. Creative energy. Gain fresh ideas and solutions to your current challenges. Surround yourself with new places and ideas.

How To Put Rejuvenation Into Practice

  • Daily
    * Honor your own changing needs
    * If sitting, walk for water at 30 minute mark.Take a break every 50 minutes.
    * 3x/day phone alarms
    * meditation
    * naps/down time
    * anchor a meaningful practice w/a ritual ie Sunset gratitude...ritual + meaning = transformation (Thank you beautiful davidji for the rockin' framework)
  • Weekly
    * Block one day or part of a day to go free flow. Bonus: Book a full weekend with no plans.
    * Sundays: wake when your body wakes you. No plans. Go with your natural rhythms and routines.
  • Seasonally
    * 90-day rejuvenation
    * Take vacations/long weekends.
    * Follow shifts in your body’s unique rhythms and routines.
  • Yearly
    * Rituals: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries your way. Rich and I started a holiday ritual last Christmas where we binge watch Christmas movies. It was awesome.

Learn to deeply love, care for and cherish yourself. The rest will take care of itself.

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Learn to DEEPLY LOVE, CARE FOR and CHERISH YOURSELF. The rest will take care of itself.