Befriending Yourself: How To Get Started

If you verbalized the thoughts that run through your head each day, would you consider yourself your own best friend, or your own worst enemy? If you answered the latter, here’s how to begin to befriend yourself.

#1 Take the love and devotion that you give out to others and turn it inwards toward yourself first thing in the morning. Doing this before your mind has a chance to get tied up in what you need to attend to for the day fuels your heart with your own love.

#2 Make inner-gentleness your default. Instead of berating yourself, use a gentle tone with yourself. Catch yourself when you use a harsh tone. Interrupt your pattern and choose differently.

#3 Think of the possibility of leaving a joyful impact on those you love. Your loving legacy begins now. Legacy begins within us with each interaction, each choice, each moment, it ripples out. People will always remember how you made them feel.

I found that when I make myself feel amazing and befriend myself, I have more of a tendency to bring happiness into my interactions. Those joyful interactions then ripple out— to those in our homes, our communities and our world. Choose to bring forth your best you and leave your loving legacy today!

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