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"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do." -Brene' Brown 

Don't you love those people and places where you can relax and be yourself?

What is it about those experiences that feels so good? And how do we allow more of that feeling of acceptance within ourselves whether our full selves are welcomed or rejected?

I'm working through this myself deeply, investigating wisdom teachers and high performers take on the subject.

Here's some of what I found:

2 Key Reframes:


REGRET-->We'll regret not living a life true to ourselves, feeling heartbroken by a lack of courage if we consistently hide our feelings and lose ourselves to please others.

TRUE BELONGING-->When feeling fear around being your true self, imagine the love possible for you when you present yourself fully and are greeted with love that is unconditional--love that welcomes your differences, quirks, you at your worst, you when you say "no," you when you say "yes." Think of what it would feel like to step fully into your story and welcome a deep love for you exactly as you are.


REJECTION-->shame around the possibility that someone will see your full you and say, "How could you?" around what you stand for/who you are keeps us playing small and hiding your brilliance.

CONNECTION-->what if instead you're greeted by someone saying, "Me too!" Think of the feeling of well-being and connection that is possible when you find that shared human story with someone.


*Brendon Burchard-->run toward acceptance rather than running away from rejection. Consider the possibility for connection. Ask, "How do I create more connection with those I love and serve?" 

*Oprah-->Oprah recently reconnected with a reporter she hadn't seen in 10 years. The woman gave Oprah the greatest compliment of her life. She said, "You know, I don't think you've changed at all. You've just become more of yourself."
Oprah adds that she allows herself much mindful quiet time so that she can hear the whispers of her soul. 


What does the courage to be imperfect look like in your life?

Check out the full video session to experience the moments of a "Me too!" that happened LIVE. It was a beautiful expression of this concept of the heart.

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