A Transition Practice to Fuel Your Afternoon


I’m going to challenge a huge fallacy in our society. 

We’ve been taught that sustained well-being and happiness is found through pursuing external gratification. Things like our achievements, relationships, the new house. They do boost our happiness levels, but only temporarily.

In my studies in positive psychology, and in my own experience, it’s the small, beautiful, simple things that fuel the heart and make us feel more alive and grateful. I’ve found a way to bring myself a few moments of reverence each afternoon when I wrap up my morning projects and transition into my afternoon. It was inspired by leading transformational teacher Dr. Barbara DeAngelis when I heard about her practice during her Hay House Radio show.

Here are the steps for this beautiful transition practice:

#1 Visit an altar or favorite spot in your space. Create a beautiful display in that space with photos, card decks, an inspirational quote, any items that bring you back to peace.

#2 Take a moment of silence and bow your head in reverence for yourself. Celebrate your morning progress, your divinity and honor all of the gorgeousness that is you.

#3 Fuel your heart with guidance. Draw from an inspirational card deck or two. Or open one of your favorite books to a page and read that page or entry. Receive the messages as guidance for your day.

This simple, gorgeous practice fills me with a feeling of divine support, love and acknowledgment. In a few moments, I feel uplifted and excited for my afternoon most days.

We are most powerful when we operate from overflow.

Our cells benefit. Our relationships flourish. We become an embodiment of joyful well-being without waiting for something outside of ourselves to fulfill us.

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