3 Emotional Drains--Reclaim Your Energy Today

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"Energy is eternal delight."
-William Blake

We're just over a month away from ringing in the New Year. You're likely dreaming and envisioning for 2018, yet frustrated by the opportunities the new year brings because you're waking up exhausted and having trouble figuring out why.

Have you considered not only your physical drains but your emotional ones?

Here are 3 emotional drains that may be depleting you and strategies to help you minimize them:

1. Waking up to relentless negative thoughts. Try instead: gratitude-->simply open your eyes and say "thank you" for the gift of the day. Add meditation and any other practices that can bring positivity and groundedness into your days before your ruminations bring you down.

2. Other people's stuff. Expectations, one-sided relationships, energy vampires can completely wipe you out if left without healthy boundaries that honor everyone involved. Prioritize your own needs and desires so that you can joyfully engage with your loved ones. Resentment builds when we're not mindful of our own well-being. Try instead: "Guide then step aside." as Dr. Wayne Dyer taught so beautifully. You can pray for them, send them love from afar and mindfully engage. If you've decided that someone is draining you on a regular basis, do your best to have a conversation expressing your feelings and requests. If necessary, minimize contact with that person for as long as you need in order to take care of yourself. My cousin Mia recommends clearing energy by sage smudging and praying. Follow your own inner wisdom and take healthy steps forward to care for yourself.

3. Unaddressed pain, guilt and lack of forgiveness for yourself and others. Try instead: bring yourself so much love, practice loving kindness, get all of the support you need to work through these emotions. Journaling your true feelings can be extremely helpful.

Listen to your own intuition as you open to attending to your own emotional needs.

much love!

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