5 Biggest Mistakes We Make When Dealing With Painful Emotions

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"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds." -Mexican proverb

What if you could dramatically improve your life by treating painful emotions as your GREATEST TEACHERS?

After a lifetime of struggling with my own painful emotions, my greatest heartbreaks revealed a new way to be with them so that they could serve, not debilitate me.

Here are the 5 Biggest Mistakes We Make When Dealing With Painful Emotions:

1. Avoid them. Instead, HONOR your pain. Go into deep practices and release the edge of the pain by loving yourself more than ever.

2. Numb them. Too much TV, busy-ness, gossip, overindulging in food and wine. You likely have a few in your arsenal. Allow yourself some indulgence being mindful of when things swing too far and challenge yourself to become "present moment-centered." (Eckhart Tolle)

3. Talk about them endlessly. Sometimes we cling to our pain because it defines us or allows us sympathy. Focus as much as possible on solutions, a loving possibility. Shift to gratitude and appreciation.

4. Personalize our pain. We ask, "Why me?" Why is this happening when I'm a good person? Instead-->ask What is this here to teach me? How is this preparing me for something amazing yet to arrive? What if the Universe is making space for something amazing for you?

5. Feel alone in pain. Find a story of strength, a memoir or talk on YouTube. Use it as a light of what's possible with those who share your struggle and have emerged out of it with a happier life. Find support from loved ones, coaching, counseling, mentors, mastermind groups. You are never alone because the loving force of the Universe is guiding you.

Always hold yourself with love and compassion. The most expansive, miraculous possibilities arise when you're being kind to yourself, rarely when you're operating from fear.

Sending so much love!

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