Transform Your Response to Hurtful Criticism

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"With respect we find peace. With ourselves and with everyone else." -Don Miguel Ruiz

What's your relationship like with criticism? Specifically, hurtful criticism?

Oftentimes, we react when criticized without much thought to improving the interaction. Instead, we default to fear. And join the person in that low-level energy.

But what if you found a new way to respond the next time someone criticized or hurt you?

We can mindfully respond even in the most upsetting interactions by making these powerful shifts. 

1. Shift From Fear to Love. Take a breath or three. Intentionally bring forth love by asking yourself, "What is the most loving response here?" Fuel yourself with love for yourself, then love for all involved. (Inspired by Dr. Barbara De Angelis' "A Choice for Love")

2. Ask yourself, "Who Am I Going To Be In The Face of This? Set an intention aligned with your best self. For example: Peace. Love. Kindness.

3. Don't Take Anything Personally. One of the most famous of Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements," this one is tough to follow when the hurtful comment feels so personal. Choose to remain grounded in your best self. Remember that what the other person is conveying to you is THEIR perspective. By standing in your own truth respectfully, peace is possible within ourselves and with everyone else.

By stepping back from the pain of the interaction, we have an opportunity to ground ourselves, to shift the energy of the interaction to love, to stop taking it personally and bring forth compassion. What might the person involved be going through? What are they feeling about your relationship...maybe they're afraid of losing you or they're taking some frustration outside of the relationship out on you and this could be an opportunity to be there for them.

Align with the most loving part of yourself and model the change you'd like to see in the world. What if doing so deepened the relationship going forward?

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